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Welcome to Quantum Mechanical Technology Inc.

Imagine for a moment that practically everything we currently know about food production and the value of nutritional products is out of date! Can you envision that? Too grandiose? It shouldn’t really be that hard as practically every other area of our life has changed in the last decade or two at the most.

Who would have ever envisioned standing in the middle of a field in a far off country talking to home office on an invisible connection that is sometimes more clear than a standard “land” phone line. Imagine you are a farmer that has just completed your 1952 crop year and for the first time all of the equipment was guided by GPS! Imagine one of the other many areas in life that things we once chuckled and guffawed about on a “Science Fiction” show is now a part of everyday reality.

Now try again! Imagine that whatever processes you are currently using to process, beans, grains, and practically any other nutritional product could be magically changed to increase production, reduces waste, and improve food quality, and release, until now, unavailable nutrition! That is what the scientists at QMTI have been doing for the last decade and now we feel comfortable in bringing to your operation.