Green Technology Uncovered

Gentle Processing™ uses ONLY energy to process raw food commodities in a way that enables complete nutritional preservation & nutrient retention.

Other benefits include:

  • Extended shelf life
  • Improved flavour profiles
  • Reduced microbial load
  • Uniform drying & disinfestation

Gentle Processing™ DOES NOT use chemicals, solvents, or excessive heat! By processing with the Minimal Thermal Process principle, Gentle Processing™ does not alter the nutritional value of the treated food items.

Proven Technology

Gentle Processing™ is a technically proven and commercially viable green technology that will set a new standard in food and food ingredient manufacturing. An industrial alternative to conventional pasteurization and sterilization technologies, Gentle Processing™ is a patented process used to create superior food ingredients, proven with the complete nutrient retention capabilities!

To better understand QMTI’s technology and not get to technical, let’s relate our process to that of a microwave.  When we expose food to a microwaves electromagnetic wavelength it pin points an area inside the commodity and begins to radiate from that position.  Because of the small wavelength of this equipment uneven exposure occurs.  We all know that we get different hot and cold areas in the food we are reheating or cooking with the microwave.  Unlike the microwave QMTI’s Gentle Processing technology exposes energy to every portion of the commodity evenly. 

Our technology safely changes the internal environment of the commodity to become none supportive to microbe development. This uniform treatment shortens processing time lines and increases efficiency.  Gentle Processing™ does not damage the nature’s precious nutritional factors of the commodity when utilized correctly.  So when you read the label of whole processed foods they will contain the correct balance of nutritional factors, taste better and last longer.

Gentle Processing™ can be implemented into food and seed processors as new revolutionary technology or replace their existing outdated practices. Our Patent Pending Technology will provide an alternative to the evasive practices presently used.