Green Technologies ‘The Needed Savior’

Posted by Gentle Processing on Nov 27, 2015
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With the recent landmark climate accord in Paris we can see that there is finally a universal movement to curb production of green house gases as well as effort in seeking technologies that are environmentally friendly.  Acknowledging this problem as real is a big step for the human race in cognitive realization.  Now we must find the motivation to actually make changes to those addictions which are paramount in creation of these global treats. 

How do we get an obese unhealthy society which has become reliant on doing as little as possible and taking all they can, involved?  Good LUCK! 

We must continue ongoing education that exhibits our dependency on the climate and Mother Nature and how we can work together.  We cannot continue to take and never be putting something back; nothing in our life uses this principle to survive.  If we change availability of those choices which lead to an unhealthy toxic climate both internally and externally, would be a great step. 

Let’s start by replacing out dated toxic food processing with green technologies and practices that work with nature and support life.   We would then have a healthier body able to recognize the good from the bad.

Here are some of the new technologies available

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