This gift from nature provides our anatomy with digestible proteins and essential fatty acids which are necessary for a healthy life. Hemp is high in essential vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 and 6. This is the only non-allergenic vegetable protein known today. This GMO-free commodity is also gluten free.

The farming of Hemp is becoming mainstream as not only the seed is an asset but so is the stalk which is used in paper, clothing and rope.  

Although this may be an answer to enhancing our food supply, there are problems with harvesting, storing and manufacturing this commodity for the food chain. 

Suppliers of this impressive plant food have a problem with oxidation, controlling microbial load and flavor profiles.  Although there are some processes recently offered to assist with these potential threats there is nothing to address the flavor profile without altering this nutritious commodity.

All the present suppliers of Nutritional Hemp utilize processes that either alter the nutritional profile or leave potentially toxic residues…not good.  For Example, excessive heat is being used such as Infrared which roasts the hemp but negatively effects the nutritional attributes. Chemical applicators using peracetic acid, which can be toxic, are being used to topically treat the commodity. These applications kill everything!  What about the nutrition? Foodless Food.

QMTI’s Gentle Processing to the rescue!

Our Green technology uses energy to arrest microbial life internally and externally, adding shelf life to the finished products, nutritional benefits ‘Just the Way Nature Intended’ and an enhanced flavour profile.

QMTI is proud that we can be part of this important step in keep our families healthy with real organic processing.